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Aquarium Maintenance

Do you need Aquarium Maintenance? we can help. Our Aquarist  understand how natural water features work and how we can help keep yours clean, maintained, and in working order. 

We under take Aquarium Maintenance in Annual contract or monthly contract basis.

AL ARBEAA ORNAMENTAL FISH TR.LLC are group of highly skilled professionals who service all types of aquatic features and equipment. Our technicians will keep your water features looking and functioning beautifully.

Scope of Work
  • Clean & Check Filters

  • Clean glass internally & externally, glass covers.

  • Clean Substrate & Decor.

  • Inspect UV light.

  • Observe Fish health, Diagnosis & Cure disease.

  • Replace filter sponge, activated carbon & activated ceramic if required.

  • Trim excess growth of plants

  • Inspecting pumps, filter & lighting.

  • Check and adjust filter flow.

  • Check fish health and head count.

  • Check PH value of water.

  • Test and Treat water to maintain Crystal clear water. 

  • Advice for fish feeding & caring.

  • Maintain Aquarium log book.

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